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Massage Chair

Our Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 massage chairs enable Chiropractic of Naples to offer you a full massage not only designed to soothe your muscles and relieve tension but also through intersegmental traction create spinal motion that will aid in reducing muscle spasm and increase blood flow to the discs and surrounding tissues.

With a patented use of, Warm Air Technology, you will receive a continuous flow of warm air that you will find soothing and pain relieving to your aching muscles.

It is well documented that massage helps to improve many health conditions such as digestion, headaches, blood pressure, depression just to name a few. With intersegmental traction, the gentle separation of the spinal joint surfaces there is an increased flow of the fluids that nourish the spine and disc structures improving range of motion, decreasing muscle spasms and improving mobility.

All the benefits of massage in a fraction of the time:

  1. No Disrobing:  Whether you don't have the time or you are simply uncomfortable being disrobed for a massage, no worries,  with the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 there is no disrobing.
  2. No Messy Oils or Gels: Conventional massage requires the use of oil, gels or lotions that can be quite messy and leave you feeling in need of a shower. With the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 there are no lubricants.
  3. No Special Appointments Needed: Whether you want to use the Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 before or after your chiropractic adjustment or laser therapy treatment you do not need to have a separate appointment to do so.


  • Helps relieve pressure on spinal nerves

  • Helps to relax you spinal muscles

  • Helps to improve circulation

  • Helps decrease pain

  • Helps relieve stress