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Care for your accident clients

Quality Healthcare & Expert Documentation In One Place

I have 16 years experience helping patients recover from injuries sustained in auto collisions. I feel a responsibility to provide the best care and advice to my patients as this may be the first and only opportunity some of them will have in their lifetime to experience chiropractic care. My vision is they end up healthier than they were before the collision. Please visit the (Our Reviews) section and see why I am excited to say most of our patients regret they were injured but they say they are very happy they were able to get the care and spend the time in our office. The first two visits we spend a great amount of time talking with the patients gathering details of their injury, performing an exam for appropriate diagnosis and explaining what is good or bad with their spine and nervous system. We also explain what is expected as far as the type of care, time frame, frequency of care, and timing or milestones that are expected that correlate when they will start moving and feeling better. We show them their X-rays, go over curves that are normal and any that may not be. They leave with a report of the findings including a written care plan. -Dr. Matthew Davis

What To Expect:

From the moment the patient walks into the door the documentation process begins. We are extremely detailed!

  • We complete, specialized detailed collision specific paperwork including neck/ back disability index profiles which is repeated every 30 days.
  • A detailed exam is completed on the first visit and then repeated every 30 days for the duration of the care, along with daily office notes.

  • We offer the latest computerized medical documentation software. This is populated and provided to you in typed, organized, detailed notes that other doctors, attorneys, and adjusters can easily read and understand.

  • Digital X-rays provide state-of-the-art detailed images and reports.

On the first visit:

  • Perform a detailed consultation.

  • Decide which level of exam and diagnosis is needed.

  • Which type and location of imaging are appropriate (in-house digital X-ray).

  • Get an understanding of the direction of impact and severity of property damage.

  • Decide the patient needs a referral to another type of medical care.

  • Recommend appropriate home care instructions and exercises.

  • Review and request medical records and imaging from any previous care.

  • Determine disability if appropriate.

  • Construct a care plan detailing frequency and types of care needed.

  • Determine which chiropractic technique will work best (hands-on or instrument).

  • Decide if the patient needs decompression and or an in-house rehab care program.

Chiropractic Care, Therapies & Rehabilitation:
  • Gentle hands-on chiropractic techniques. Instrument adjusting for the acute patients that “just do not want to be touched”, Arthrostim and Activator, Cervical and lumbar flexion/ distraction disc decompression care.

  • HumanTouch Zero Gravity 5.0 massage chairs.

  • Muscle stimulation therapy with ultrasound to help with acute pain, circulation and muscle spasms.

  • Class IV deep tissue laser therapy from LiteCure® Medical. The laser is very effective to expedite the healing process and decrease pain.

  • MedX cervical and lumbar rehabilitaion equipment.

  • Non-weight bearing beginner rehab stretching program

Common Questions:

How long will it take for my client to be seen?

A:  In most cases, new patients are seen the same day that they call. Emergency services are usually available even when it is not our official office hours.  We encourage you to have your patients call at any time.

Do you have a lot of experience with the necessary documentation for an auto accident?

A: Yes, we use paperwork that is specifically designed for injury documentation of collisions and accidents.

How long will it take you to provide me with documentation?

A: Once requested we guarantee a very quick turn around time for the paperwork you require to pursue the legal end of the case, as well as updated documentation as well.

If necessary will your office take a lien?

A: We understand that often the care required for your client to return to their pre-accident health status may exceed that which is provided by an insurance company.  We are happy to discuss the need for an agreement for delayed payment until such time the case is resolved.

“Dr. Matt Davis and his team are great! They truly care about the patients they are helping. You feel welcomed and relieved once you walk into the office. They listened and understood the pain my son was feeling when he went into the office.. After about 3 weeks of seeing Dr. Matt, he was much better. If you are having health issues we would highly recommend you going to see him..” -M. West Esq.

If you are a Naples area attorney and would like to find out more about how we can serve your accident clients, please contact me at 239-315-4018 or email me at DrMatt@ChiropracticOfNaples.com.